Co więcej dla sauny?

Megiw cares equally about quality of our saunas , but we also pay a lot of our attention to maximize the benefits of their use.
In addition to the basic equipment in the offer there can be found Megiw original accessories – beach chairs, pails, ladles and … sauna cosmetics which change stay in the sauna to an unforgettable journey through the senses.

Skilful use of the sauna allows the body cleansing, soothing effect on the senses and aslo allows you for a mental relax.
This is facilitated by sauna rituals . These are simple treatments using essential oils, inhalations, massages, creams, or lotions. They convert the time spent in the sauna in the intense experience of great positive energy charge.

Megiw is the first company in Poland, which, thanks to experienced sauna masters, who are  working in our ranks,  comprehensively prepares and teaches SPA teams for sauna rituals use with application of a wide range of cosmetics, sequences of treatments and sessions.
Professional trainings for sauna hosts are unique offer of implementing the management of  SPA zone . The culture of sauna is best evidenced by the ability to use a variety of rituals.

A sauna host is the best advisor in SPA centers .
The host will advice what type of sauna use, how long to stay in it, and may even conduct  a unique ritual .

Mastering the art of using a wide range of fragrances, appropriate dosing of heating and cooling strokes, use a towel, pail, or twigs kits is not very complicated.
A ritual introduces a completely new areas of experience.
Prepared by Megiw fragrances and cosmetics  for the sauna can be selected depending on the season or your mood.