Co więcej dla sauny?

Sauna, which is the temple of the body…

Quiet, soft light, an aura of mystery. Alone or in good company. Sauna creates an ideal space for biological and spiritual regeneration.The sauna is a place that awakens only warm associations. Not only because it warms and improves mood. It is an ideal place for regenerative relax.

This is a space where you can relax by bathing, both physically and mentally. Scandinavian invention gradually becomes and element of healthy lifestyle also in Poland. Many people equip their homes and apartments with saunas, which is no longer extraordinary expense now. Popularity of public saunas is growing.

There is only one thing missing – a popular awareness and culture of sauna bathing . Sauna is inherently an intimate space. There are conditions which cannot be experienced anywhere else. In a dry sauna (the so-called Finnish sauna) high temperature may reach 100 Celsius degrees.

The point is that we can break away from the ordinary and prosaic in a delicate semi-darkness. Maintaining this festive aura depends equally on the design of the sauna area and a sauna host. With a sauna is like with an opera. One, who will taste it once will remain faithful for a lifetime.

The special atmosphere, conducive to tranquility and relaxation, a sense of return to nature – these are the most important benefits of the sauna. House with the sauna becomes a true sanctuary, space for physical and spiritual health. The presence of home sauna changes customs.

This is a space of harmony and relaxation. And it is also the best for a preventative health care. Regular, few minutes visits in the sauna perfectly temper, relieve stress, stimulate the senses and refresh the relationships.

SPA Zone with sauna in hotels or leisure centers may become exclusive space of wellness, relaxation, health treatments, and even… unusual business meetings.
A skillfully managed sauna a may be the heart of a small pension, or a water park.

The key to the success may be the original sauna rituals that will make every visit memorable. Professionally designed and equipped spa area with sauna creates a unique atmosphere of refined luxury. The sauna zone naturally separates from the noise and haste.

A separate room of dry sauna, steam sauna, herbal steam, showers and a relaxation room encourage unhurried rest. Only then you can experience the real charm of sauna. Trained sauna master provides professional advice, and, above all, introduces toe the sauna rituals.

He is also the person that protects the privacy of users. Conscious use of the sauna requires natural nudity, mainly for reasons of hygiene. Towel serves as a cover and seat pad. Any clothing prevents the opening of the skin pores and may cause skin damages.