Co więcej dla sauny?

Sauna for everyone and for all

A sauna is not equal to the sauna. Often the sauna is identified with steam bath. These are two entirely different solutions. Steam baths have been known  in the Mediterranean since antiquity. Saunas are the invention of Scandinavians.There are three types of saunas: dry, wet and herbal steam sauna.

Dry and wet

A dry sauna is by far the warmest.  It maintains the temperature of about 90 -110 ° C. But the humidity is only about 10 percent. Such conditions cause that the skin dries out quickly, and the body is sweating.  The wet sauna temperature is not more than 90 ° C. Humidity is maintained at 25-40 percent by pouring water on the stones.

But in the “lubtylarium salarium”, which is the other name of  steam herbal sauny , the temperature is around 45-65 ° C, with a much higher level of humidity of 40-65 percent. In steam bath almost one hundred percent humidity is accompanied by temperatures of 40 to 55 ° C.

For the active

An intense physical exercise is worth to be combined with a visits to the sauna.  During the session the toxins, that build up in the muscles during the increased effort, are sweated out.  Individual muscles relax, nervous excitability and sensitivity of the receptor decrease, resulting in an analgesic and sedative action.

Wealth of ritualsis encourages to organize so-called “Sauna party”  with friends.  This is an original way of strengthening social ties, combined with health benefits.

For relaxation

Meditative style of sauna should be extended beyond the room with a high temperature.
Depending on the mood, we spend in the sauna from 5 to 15 minutes, up to three rounds.  Full relaxation is facilitated by muted room, framed with a soft light with recliners. Here the body slowly cools down, thoughts calm down, the mind and body find harmony.

For health

Stay in a dry sauna relaxes, unwinds, and even may cause a weight loss.  Three visits during one session allow to burn even up to 800 calories.  Above all, it purifies the body of toxins.  Using salarium is suitable even for small children.   Herbs and aromatic substances in water vapor inhale upper respiratory tracts.  Stay in the sauna has a positive effect on people, who are suffering of rheumatic diseases.

High temperature triggers body defense forces. It is optimal for the body to use of the sauna two or three times a week. Regular visits to the sauna in a significant way improve organism efficiency and blood circulation.

For beauty

Before entering the sauna it is mandatory to wash the body and remove any remnants of cosmetics. Skin and hair should be dry to avoid burns. Heavy sweating cleanses the skin and regenerates it. Cells become better nourished, firmer and flexible. People, who are regular bathers, may have the effects of aging are less visible.  After the sauna, skin is cleansed, hydrated and better supplied with blood, this way it perfectly absorbs all cosmetics.  Therefore before the entrance it is beneficial to apply nutritional or moisturizing mask to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

For the audacious

People, who are seeking extreme experiences, are eager to use the so-called Swedish sauna, which is very dry with the highest possible temperature. It is accessed only when the temperature reaches 100 ° C. However the thermal shock may be dangerous to the body.