Co więcej dla sauny?

Polish Championship of Sauna Masters was created from the need of heart and desire to disseminate the proper culture of sauna. The  contest is organized with the significant participation of Megiw – in the sauna.

It is about carrying out the best, most interesting and most exciting  sauna  show / session  with a towel and distribute with it a floating aromatic steam in the sauna. The priority is, however, well-being of sauna masters and participants of steam sessions. A whole event will be accompanied by a great  love for sauna  and of sauna bathing, and spirit of sportsmanship competition. The event is carried out at a total  support of Sauna WM , who is an organizer of the World Cup. Qualifying for the World Cup are held in Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Ireland, Norway and Italy and, of course, in Poland, gaining an increasing fan base. The Polish Championship of Sauna Masters 2013 proved to be a spectacular event in the world of sauna, of sauna bathing and spa. They took place on September 14-15th, 2013 in Roman Baths in Czeladź.

The competition was attended by 22 Polish participants, each of them was presenting high skills and was able to perform the spectacular and thrilling sauna sessions.  The sauna masters competed for the title of best sauna master in Poland, and three of them have been, thanks to the company Megiw, delegated to represent our country during the World Championship Sauna Masters, which have been held since 2008. They won second place in the group competition.