Co więcej dla sauny?

We train sauna masters for objects

The Megiw Company, ensuring a high level of services represented by objects and water parks, where there was built Spa zone with sauna bath, offers professional training of teams employed in the SPA.

The purpose of the training is to teach staff to beguile to stay in the sauna facilities for customers  by carrying out the rituals of sauna using special cosmetics to the sauna.

Offer of training and rituals presentation for sauna:
Professional training in the performing rituals of sauna (certificate) The training takes place in the customer’s facility and includes:

The theoretical part

  • What is the ritual of the sauna and how to carry it out?
  • What to say during the ritual of sauna?
  • What is the correct culture of sauna?
  • The sales organization of sauna rituals.
  • Types of saunas.
  • Recommendations and contraindications for sauna bathing.
  • Effects of heat for the body.
  • Hygiene in the sauna.
  • Aromatherapy.

The practical part

several hours spent on exercises in carrying out the rituals of sauna (on the first  day there are performed intense exercises and observation of professionals, if it is possible, the trainees perform sessions in the front of customers) application of cosmetics, which are designed to use in the sauna.

Presentation of sauna rituals

During this presentation sauna master briefly discusses the principles of proper use of the sauna and  sauna rituals. 
At the end of the meeting, the participants enter the sauna to feel on their own the effects of rituals  of sauna.

The condition for such a meeting is to order accessories and cosmetics for saunas with on the amount of   1000 Polish zloty net (price after discounts granted which may be granted on the cooperation starting).

David Bochen – trade representative, subcontracting arranger of sauna zones, winner of the 5th place in the Polish Championships Sauna Masters and the second in the world in competition during the World Cup group Sauna WM 2013.
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