What more for sauna?

The company is financially involved in activities related to the comfort upgrading of the sauna usage
Because of this attitude we support of the professional organization for the rest in the SPA wet zone. Formed for this purpose “megiw4spa” builds and equips sauna complexes in the hotels and leisure centers. Then they become showcase of the hotel and also its main attraction.

The company also co-creates a nationwide campaign “Panties in a sauna are hurting” , which popularizes the correct behavior in the sauna. In cooperation with many SPA centers sauna nights are propagated, during which you can learn the secrets of rituals carried out in the sauna. We also organized the first in Polish Championships of Sauna Masters in Poland.

The Organization of this type of rivalry in the sauna has allowed us to raise the level of sauna masters – people, who are carrying out rituals in the sauna.In addition, became a kind of culmination of their labors on perfecting the skill of picking up viewers in trip after the sauna. The unique program called “Scent of a sauna” allows to upgrade the user’s experience of sauna and wet zone. It also helps to ensure a constant and high turnout of visitors and their education in the field of correct sauna bathing. Supplementary program called “Megiw 4 senses” offers a wide selection of natural cosmetics, which are used only during the rituals of sauna.

The carefully chosen sets of creams, salts and peeling sugars, aromatic and massage oils, and accessories of sauna, may be combined with ready made scenarios rituals of sauna.